Custom Built

Each home as well as each client is amazingly unique in every sense of the word; there are no pre-fabricated boxes, restrictions, or limitations as to what a client defines as good taste, style, and comfort. The Professional Furniture Builders at Classic Interior Concepts allow you to determine the final criteria as to the fit and style of every piece built.

Specific taste in furniture design, as well as fabric texture, and color palate tells a lot about the individuality and personality of every person alive today. The modern consumer wants to stand out from the crowd, and greatly appreciates the characteristic charm of their home as it reflects and defines their personal disposition in relation to their culture, society, and environment.

We put our professionalism to the forefront of our service to you the designer; and your client’s wants and needs are our priority.

There are many options available as to size, shape, contour, and style; and you may choose from the many variables of cushion density, the body fillings, foam or down fill in the cushions.

There are countless leg styles to choose from, and these significantly reflect the overall appearance of the furniture. Your sofa may be built with or without a skirt for instance; and you may add a decorative nail trim of your choice to define the shape.

We offer:

  • Traditional
  • American Modern
  • Classic European
  • French Provincial
  • Chippendale
  • Contemporary
  • Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs
  • Sectionals
  • Headboards
  • Cornice Boards
  • Chaises
  • Wing-Chairs
  • Benches and Ottomans
  • Parson-Chairs
  • Slipper-Chairs

Everyone deserves to be surrounded with beauty and elegance; luxury and sophistication; comfort and functionality…

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