Distinctive Furniture By Design


The journey of a well built piece of furniture begins with its frame; only solid, American hardwoods are utilized such as alder, walnut, and maple to built that piece that will last generations to come.

Every piece begins with expert engineering in the design concept, making these frames as solid a construction as possible. We place corner blocks and support bracing at all joints that are glued, and fastened with either screws, staples, and or dowels according to design requirements and specifications.

The fillings that we use are described as above industry standards! Only the finest natural fibers such as cotton batting, and or down-fill are used within the construction process.

There is a world of difference in the quality of foam products available to the furniture builder. You can rest assured that only the best “HR” (high resiliency) foam products go into the furniture that we make for you and your client, ensuring lasting comfort and support.

We offer two district spring suspension systems!

The classic eight-way, hand tied coil spring system; or the sinuous spring (no-sag) system. Only the best grade of metal are used by Classic Interior Concepts, with a close spacing ratio, that guarantees the proper spring function as it holds up to any demand placed upon it.

And Finally! The work of building your piece is accomplished with only the best, well-trained craftsmen in the industry. Alexander himself is a third generation furniture builder, which assures the fact that from start to finish; each piece is built according to the highest industry standards, specifications, and criteria.

To us! Each piece that we build is an individually crafted work of art; we place our personal pride and our skill as master-craftsmen into the work that we do for you.

We are not mechanics working on an assembly line! We are professional furniture artisans who love and enjoy the work that we do. There is something wondrous and magical taking place when we see raw materials and fabrics being transformed into beautiful, luxurious, and distinctive furniture by design…

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